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Nina of the Dark by Ken Catran

Title: Nina of the Dark

Author: Ken Catran

Published: HarperCollins, 2009

Pages: 303

Series: Book 1, Nina Series

First Line: "A shining angle of lightning cracked open the darkness, and Burl tensed."

Summary: Nina of the dark was slave-born and fated to seek a terrible truth from lost centuries. Her only allies a thief, a giant and an ancient prophesy, Nina must battle the darkness in herself and the ungodly creatures of evil who threaten humans with a new dark age. 

Review: I can’t help but feel Nina of the Dark should have been titled Reader in the Dark just because that’s how I felt while reading this book.  Basically reading through it I had no idea what was going to happen next or how anything was going to go.  The few times I did get an idea about what was going I was later found to be wrong as Ken Catran tended to tell you a little bit of information at one point and then later on add to it so you were absolutely wrong.

My favourite character in the book was Alen, but he wasn’t there for very long which was quite unfortunate.  But I hope he is in the next book a little bit more.  Nina was a strong character but I also feel like I didn't get to know her very well.

The ending took me well by surprise.  Basically I thought I had figured out the rough time period the book was set in and the gist of what was going on; then the book kind of did a 270° turn on me.  I say 270 because it turned right around and added an extra angle so that I was stunned.

Overall, it was a so so book for me.  I think I went into it with too high expectations and it fell short of those expectations.  I didn’t mind it but it wasn’t the best book I’d ever read.  Nina of the Dark is an interesting fantasy story and while I didn’t get into it as much as I had hoped I’m still going to read the next book.

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