Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Most Read Authors

I've seen this post around a couple of blogs now and I thought I'd do one too because it looks really fun and interesting so here are my top ten most read authors.

Tied at 15 with 9 books each:
What can I say? I own the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and love his plays.
Sara Shepard
Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game are awesome.
J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the companion novels.
Meg Cabot
I'm actually surprised I've read this many Meg Cabot books.  But she is quite a good author.

At ten books each tied for number 12 with ten books each is:
Geoffrey McSkimming
His Cairo Jim series is really awesome and I went through this phase of wanting to be an archaeologist so I read a lot of his books.
Edgar J Hyde
He wrote a horror series that reminded me a little of the Goosebumps series hence I read books by him.
Darren Shan
The Demonata Series, I've read all ten books.
Angie Sage
The Septimus Heap and Araminta Spook series' are both really cool.  They're more 10-12 age group books but I really enjoy reading them.

11 with 11 books:
John Marsden
The Tomorrow Series is awesome and then I read a few other books by him because I thought I might enjoy them too.

Tied at 9 with 12 books:
Louise Rennison
The Georgia Nicolson Series is utterly hilarious and I loved those books.  I've read most of them at least twice.
K A Applegate
Funnily enough it wasn't the Animorphs series I read but the Remnants series which was really amazing.

8 with 13 books:
Lemony Snicket
A Series of Unfortunate Events is one of the best children's book series' I have ever read.  I'm actually in the process of completing my collection of them because they look really good on the shelf.

Tied at 4 with 15 books:
Anthony Horowitz
The Alex Rider series and the Horowitz Horror books are the best.
Tamora Pierce
One of my favourite authors, I definitely expected her to be high on my list.  One of my most favourite books of all time is Alanna: The First Adventure.

3 with 24 books:
Paul Jennings
Paul Jennings writes amazing stories.  I love all his short story books because his short stories usually have a twist at the end that blows my mind.

2 with 25 books:
Emily Rodda
Deltora Quest and Teen Power Inc/Raven Hill Mysteries need I say more?  Yes actually I must Finders Keepers and The Timekeeper.  Emily Rodda is an amazing author and I absolutely adore her books.

1 with 28 books:
R. L. Stine
I'm pretty sure I've read more than 28 books by him but those are just the ones on Goodreads because I have been reading books by R. L. Stine since I was 7 so that was 14 years ago now.  I have read many of the Goosebumps books, all of the Nightmare Room books and some of the Fear Street books.

Authors I expected to be on there:
Scott Westerfeld He's one of my favourite authors.  I've read 6 of  his books and own 9 of his books so once I actually read all the books I have he should appear as I have yet to read 5 of the ones I own and I'd like to read/own So Yesterday at some point.  I have ordered Peeps which is my favourite book and I will get a copy of Behemoth to own when the right edition comes out.  So I am getting there with my Scott Westerfeld collection.

So looking at that I thought about my favourite authors and I grouped them into categories, so here are my favourite authors:
Middle Grade Authors:
Emily Rodda

YA Authors:
Tamora Pierce
Scott Westerfeld

Adult Authors:
James Rollins
Kathy Reichs

New Zealand Authors:
Ken Catran
David Hill

I think thats about all I have to say about authors and my favourites and most read and things like that.  While I absolutely love R.L. Stine and he was one of my favourite authors when I was younger, he isn't really a favourite now.


  1. Great list. Of some authors I read books, others I haven't.

    Fun idea!

  2. Sara Shepard is an author l really want to start to read! Very popular too =)


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