Friday, March 11, 2011

Liberty and the Dream Ride by Stacy Gregg

Title: Liberty and the Dream Ride

Author: Stacy Gregg

Published: HarperCollins Children's Books, 2011

Pages: 240

Series: Book 11, Pony Club Secrets

First Line: "The horses inside the belly of the 747 cargo plane were restless."

Issie and her pony Comet have traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to take on the best riders in the world at the famed four-star horse trials. It’s Issie first experience of competing against adult professional riders and she begins to worry that she’s out of her league. The competition gets even more exciting when Tara Kelly calls with the offer of a chance ride on another horse. With everything at stake, does Issie have what it takes to win?

Review: Liberty and the Dream Ride is a book about horses. I think that anyone who is a horse fan will definitely love Liberty and the Dream Ride.  It is the eleventh book in a series but I don’t think you have to read the other books first to enjoy this one as I enjoyed it without having read the previous books.

Not knowing too much about horses I found Liberty and the Dream Ride taught me quite a bit about how horses behave, and all about horse shows.

I found the story itself to be quite interesting and while I found the mystery to be slightly predictable I don’t think it would be so predictable for the books target audience which is the younger YA reader.

Events all tied up nicely and came to a good conclusion which made this book a good one for reading something really light.  If you like horses then I think you’ll definitely like Liberty and the Dream Ride by Stacy Gregg.

Source: HarperCollins NZ

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  1. thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for sharing this! You are my favourite all-time writer. Horses are my life and I have never left a day without riding my loaned horse Missy. Missy looks just like Mystic! She's not dead though.... such a sad part :( Thanks again. Can you answer my question? Do the horses on the covers, have those names in real? Is the girl's name really Issie? Nice name by the way. Thanks again....


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