Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Make any Twit Fall in Love with you by Louise Rennison

Title: How to Make any Twit Fall in Love With You

Author: Louise Rennison

Review:  My review today is of a special book that was published for world book day online over ten days, because of this my review will be a little bit different in format.

How to Make any Twit fall in Love with you (HMTFL) features Georgia from the Georgia Nicolson series and her cousin Tallulah from the book Withering Tights.  I haven't read Withering Tights so I don't know much about Tallulah but after reading HMTFL I may just have to do that.

Each little increment of this book was short as it is a tiny little book released for world book day but I thought it was long enough that I got my dose of Georgia as I have now finished the whole Georgia Nicolson series so I kind of missed Georgia.  Not to mention there is Jas and a very brief but satisfying phone call with Dave the Laugh.

How to Make any Twit fall in Love with you is a really neat little read that any fan of the Georgia Nicolson series will adore.

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  1. I read this too! I miss Georgia (and Dave the Laugh <3) as well, I might have to re-read the whole series...


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