Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Passing on for Review

I wanted to do something different.  Every month on the fifteenth of the month I will have this feature where I give you the opportunity to read and review a book that I have in my possession and for one reason or another I would like to pass it on to you.  The only condition is that you must review the book.  Or pass it on to somebody else so they can review it.

When it comes to reviewing this book you don't have to have a blog, if you wish you can review it as a guest post here.

This month I have a copy of The Chosen Colossus of Evil by C. A. Woytowich to pass on.

Title: The Chosen Colossus of Evil
Author: C. A. Woytowich
Reason for passing it on: I couldn't finish it, there were too many errors in the text for me to be able to concentrate on the book properly.  Somebody else might be able to do a better job of reading through it.

I am willing to ship anywhere in the world and in return I ask that you give an honest review of this book. I will give a three month time limit from when you receive the book when it comes to reviewing it as I understand some people are quite busy.
The person will be selected on the 20th of February at 12 noon GMT+12 so that I can get the book sent out sooner rather than later. That gives you 5 days to fill in the form.

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