Friday, February 11, 2011

Blubber by Judy Blume

Title: Blubber

Author: Judy Blume

Published: Macmillan Children's Books, 2008

Pages: 127

First Line: "It's very foolish to laugh if you don't know what's funny in the first place."

Summary: Blubber is a good name for her, the note from Caroline said about Linda. Jill crumpled it up and left it on the corner of her school desk. She didn't want to think about Linda or her dumb report on the whale just then. Jill wanted to think about Halloween.
But Robby grabbed the note and before Linda stopped talking it had gone halfway around the room.
That's where it all started...there was something about Linda that made a lot of kids in her fifth-grade class want to see how far they could go...but nobody, Jill least of all, expected the fun to end where it did. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: Blubber is a story all about bullying and it basically tells the reader that when you’re bullied the best thing to do is stand up for yourself.  That’s pretty much what the whole book is.  And I think that it was quite a good book for younger children.

I enjoyed reading it and I think that while it brings up the issue of bullying a large chunk of the plot is unresolved and nobody really does anything about it.

Other than that, Blubber is a nice short read and it’s a good book for kids to read.  Judy Blume does an amazing job at providing the main character with the voice of a ten year old girl.  I sometimes have trouble with the voice of the character not being related to the age of the character but in the case of Blubber, I could tell that the narrator was a ten year old girl.

Overall, I think that Blubber is quite a nice novel to read on the subject of bullying.  It’s extremely well written and I can see why Judy Blume is a popular author.

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  1. I have heard of Judy Blume, but never read any of her books. Good to hear that this one is a great read. That first line is great! It really wants me to read the book.

  2. This was a good subject to write about for kids.I will have to read it. Thanks! for sharing this.


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