Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Bookish Goals for 2011

This is slightly late but here are my goals for 2011.

1. Complete all reading challenges.
I always sign up for these challenges and I never complete them all.  This year I am going to complete all three reading challenges that I signed up for. If you're interested in which ones I'm doing you can visit this page.

2. Read More Books
I read only 132 books last year which makes me feel a bit like a bad reader.  So this year I am aiming for 200 books, which I will be tracking through the very helpful Goodreads.

3. Buy More Books
I got a lot of my books from the library last year and so this year I am planning on buying at least one book a week, although hopefully I'll read more than I buy because my reading pile is massive already.

4. Dominate My Reading Pile
By reading them all.  I have about 14 review books to get through so I'll be working on those as soon as I finish The Secret Garden and hopefully I can get on top of review books and then my own books.  As for ebooks I have four to read at the moment and I'm hoping to get on top of those too.

5. Stop Reading Books I Don't Like
I have a bad habit of picking up a book and seeing it through to the end even if I absolutely hate it.  I am going to try and avoid this problem by not picking up books I am almost sure I won't like.  For instance, I will not go for flat out romances, and I need to avoid werewolves, I am truly not a werewolf fan.

So those are my bookish goals.  What are yours?


  1. Definitely read more, along with write more and play more video games.

    Oh, and learn a couple of new languages in the mix, too.

  2. I like your last one ;Stop Reading Books I Don't Like. Need to stop doing that too.


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