Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lake by William P. Crawford

Title: The Lake

Author: William P.Crawford

Published: BookSurge Publishing, 2010

Pages: 308

First Line: "So far the trip had zigzagged across the Great Plains to Boise and then to Spokane where, in an airport motel, he had watched a documentary on supervolcanoes."

Summary: After Southern California’s Lake Crowley is split at its foundation by an earthquake, the water becomes an elixir—and a truth serum. As desperate people migrate to its shores to drink from its waters, pandemonium besets Los Angeles and a group of public servants, including the California governor and American president, will be forced to intercede between human nature and Mother Nature. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: The Lake is a very interesting book that takes the idea of the fountain of youth and explores what would happen if it was found.  William P Crawford explores this idea in a philosophical, psychological, scientific and political way, which made for one very good read.

The Lake was really well written and extremely realistic in that it felt like William P Crawford had done his research. 

While at times I felt The Lake to be slow, it was an overall intriguing read.  At first it was a little slow but when I got further into the story I found it to be really engrossing and I read the second half of the book in one sitting.

The characters were all very unique and distinctive and while they weren’t developed completely I felt that they were developed enough for me to enjoy the story.

Overall, I thought that The Lake was a really clever and really good read.  If you like environmental science or are looking for something a little different then The Lake would definitely be a good read.

Source: William P. Crawford for review

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