Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How do you choose what book to read next?

This year I'd really like to whittle down my reading pile by reading more of the books I have and buy less books.  So, I have come up with what I think is a fun yet interesting way to choose which book I read next.

The first thing I did was arrange my books into two piles, firstly the review pile.  I aim to read those first before reading the second pile which consists of my own books.

Next I arranged my two piles into alphabetical order of last names and I then put them back on the shelf.

Now comes the fun part.  Starting with my review pile I have numbered each book from one onwards and then using a random number generator I pick my next book.

So after I finish a book I use a random number generator to tell me which book to read next.  It's pretty fun and leads for a surprising reading experience as I never know what book will get picked out next.

So what about you?  Do you have a special way of picking out what book you read next?


  1. Now there's a fun way of choosing your next book!
    While I have lots of book stacks towering to my left and right I am trying to read those for reviews first too, but I usually choose them by my current mood. Or by the number of pages *lol*.

  2. That is such a good idea! I may have to do that as well.

    Usually, I just stare at my TBR pile for a good half hour. I go backwards and forwards between what is usually two or three books before finally making my decision by picking one. If I'm still debating after I've picked it, I decide it isn't the book for me and pick another. Haha. It's not a great system. :)

  3. This sounds totally too complcated for me, actually. I just go with the flow and pick at random. Maybe it's a book I've just read a very good review about. Or maybe the cover strikes my fancy at that moment. As you can see, not a system at all, but since I haven't been accepting books for review for a while, I feel free to read what I please. Too little spare time to make myself feel guilty because I don't give review copies enough attention.

  4. That's really technical! I'm impressed at your ability to be super random. :)

    The way I choose the next book to read is very lo-tech. In fact, it's no-tech. I select a few books from my pile (library books that need to go back, ones I've been excited to read, etc) and I lay them out in front of my fiance who has no idea. And he chooses one! Ta da! Book chosen.

    It does end up being super-random... but only in that I'm making a non-book person choose my next read :).

  5. I am a totaly mood reader, so whatever my mind thinks about I go for. Or I glance through my online library and choose from again, my mood.

    Fun way you have came up with, enjoy.


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