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The Eiffel Tower's Daughter by Bethany Huang

Title: The Eiffel Tower's Daughter

Author: Bethany Huang

Published: Authorhouse, 2010

Pages: 100

First Line: "My father named me Swanilde because swans are beautiful and graceful, and I was like one when I was young."

Summary: The Eiffel Tower's Daughter is a story about love, compassion, family, and life. A girl who has to face it all with no one to help her. She runs away from home the day after her divorced Mother unknowingly marries a spy. Swanilde has to deal with rivalry and vengeance on her way to warn her father and ask for help. Swanilde thinks she's on a quest for truth, but her family reveals all of the secrets and lies they have been hiding from her for years. As Swanilde's world crumbles under her, she realizes how precious life is and how short it is. She tries to deal with all of the obstacles in her way to find who she really is-until disaster strikes and she's running again. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter sounded like an intriguing adventure story so I picked it up for a read.  I quite enjoyed reading it but at the same time there were a couple of parts that confused me.

The story itself was quite a good one.  Every moment there was action and adventure and Swanilde stayed strong through all of it.  The changing viewpoints were quite good as well.  It was interesting to know what other characters were thinking about.

There was one big thing that had me confused for the entire book though and that was the way time was represented.  To know that the book was set just after the French Revolution I had to read the historical note at the end of the book and then during the book I had no idea of how much time had passed between events or anything.

The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter is a quick read so it’s quite easy to read in one sitting.
I quite enjoyed The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter and when I had finished it I discovered that the author, Bethany Huang is only ten years old.  I have to say that it is quite a well written book for a ten year old, I’m really impressed.

The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter is quite an interesting book and if you like historical fiction or adventure stories then you might enjoy The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter.

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