Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Summer Fun Mini Challenge #4

I'm on a huge fairy kick at the moment, I really love fairies, so I'm making this theme's challenge, fairies.

Here is a pretty picture that contains nine different fairy book covers.  All YA.

Your challenge is to guess the titles of these books. I've tried to make them well-known books.  I haven't numbered any of them either so you can just guess the ones you think you know.

You get one point for each title you guess correctly.
The answers will be provided on 4 January 2011.
If you haven't signed up yet go here.

Click here to fill in the form to submit your answers.


  1. Well, the most difficult was the central one. I had never seen that before, but I think I've gotten them all :)

  2. Great challenge! I think I got them all correct! Thanks for the fun!

  3. I couldn't figure out the middle one, but I think that I got all of the others! Thanks...This was fun!


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