Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November wrap-up

A busy November is finally over and we have quite a bit to talk about.

The winner for our CSN giveaway is Jessica Lawlor so congratulations to you, we'll be emailing you soon, if not already.

The winner for our giveaway of Minder by Kate Kaynak is Carol Thompson so congratulations to you, and we'll be emailing you soon if we haven't already also.

We still have two contests going at the moment and they are the Summer Fun Contest and a copy of Cooking With Healthy Girl so if you want to enter them and haven't yet, go for it. There'll be more challenges coming up for the Summer Fun contest too.

In other news we are both now on summer holiday so expect to see more reviews from us.

You guys voted for our book of the month to read and review together and you have selected Wake by Lisa McMann so we'll both be reading that soon.  In the meantime you can vote for our January book!

That's all from us and have a great December.

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