Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Hollow by Jessica Verday

Title: The Hollow

Author: Jessica Verday

Published: Simon & Schuster, 2009

Pages: 515

First Line: "They said she killed herself."

Summary: When Abbey’s best friend, Kristen, vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is dead…and rumors fly that her death was no accident. Abbey has never felt so desperately alone. Then she meets Caspian, the gorgeous and mysterious boy who shows up out of nowhere at Kristen’s funeral, and keeps reappearing in Abbey’s life. Caspian clearly has secrets of his own, but he’s the only person who makes Abbey feel normal again...but also special.   (Taken from Goodreads)

Rebecca: There'd been so much hype surrounding The Hollow that I could not wait to read this book. Of course, when I got a copy it took me forever to actually get around to reading it. However, now that I have read it, I absolutely loved it.

My favourite part of The Hollow is that Jessica Verday appealed to my sense of smell more than any other sense to describe surroundings and people. I believe myself to have a heightened sense of smell and I love that Jessica Verday appealed to my sense of smell with The Hollow.

Scarlett: I agree that Jessica Verday's writing is descriptive but it just seemed a little too descriptive.  I'm more of a person who enjoys a good story line and good character interaction.  I felt that the story was original and everything but it just wasn't as wonderful as I'd have liked.

When  I read a book I tend to go for interesting story lines and awesome descriptions.  I think that Jessica Verday definitely had both there.  As far as characters go, I thought Abbey was a great character and I found her to be really relatable because her and I had a few things in common.  Not everything, but enough to make me relate to her.

I thought that Abbey was a slightly 2D character and she found out things about Kristen but then it seemed like she was going down that same pathway.  As for Caspian, he seemed so dry and I'm totally not a fan of guys with green eyes.  It seems like almost all of the books I read, the hot guy always has green eyes.

My other complaint, this book is over 500 pages long, and it just dragged on and on and on.  I thought that so much could've been chopped out!  It was just a chore to read.

It didn't feel like I was reading 500 pages at all.  I flew through The Hollow because it was so amazing and I just had to know more and more about what was going on.  I loved reading every single part of it.  Even the ending, there were a few things that weren't explained and I cannot wait to read the next book to learn more about some of these things.  It's all very exciting.

I thought the ending wasn't so fantastic.  There were just so many unanswered questions that I just got more confused.  The Hollow is an original read but it just wasn't for me.  I'm not sure if I'll be wanting to read the next book in the series but we'll see.  

I definitely think it's original and that is part of the reason I love it so much.  I have the second book sitting on my shelf and I'm tempted to just pick it up and start reading through it right now because I absolutely love Jessica Verday's writing style and look forward to reading even more from her.


  1. I love this way of reviewing, so much fun to read both of your thoughs.;) I read this one too, and thought it was awesome. The characters where great and the mystery thing was well done. Looking forward reading the sequal.

  2. I love the style of review- and showing how the same book, characters and plots can be viewed!
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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