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Trackers by Patrick Carman

Title: Trackers

Author: Patrick Carman

Published: Scholastic Press, 2010

Pages: 192

Series: Book 1, Trackers

Summary: In the 21st century landscape of bits and bytes, everyone leaves a digital footprint ... even the most advanced cyber criminals. And that’s where the Trackers come in. Four tech-savvy kids armed with high-tech video cameras and esoteric coding skills, the Trackers can find almost anyone, anywhere. Told through a collage of videos, text, and websites, Trackers #1 follows Adam, Finn, Lewis, and Emily as they become entangled in a high-tech, high-stakes game of cat and mouse with Shantorian, the world’s most dangerous hacker. At least, that’s who they think they’re tracking....

As the four dig deeper into the shadowy world of online crime, they soon learn that things aren’t always as they seem. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: Tracker’s is similar in style as Patrick Carman’s book Skeleton Creek.  Basically, this means that you read part of the book and then you get to a page that has a password and website so you go to the website, type in the password and watch a video that is part of the book.  I absolutely love this idea, it just makes it really fun and it’s something different.
The story itself is a really interesting one, basically, Adam is telling the story of what happened and you don’t really know anything about who he’s being interrogated by and why he’s being interrogated, so it’s a bit of a mystery which I definitely love.
I love how it revolves around digital technology and the premise that Big Brother is watching stands out very strongly.  While I am a fan of science fiction I think this is one book that would be good for anyone who isn’t a huge fan of science fiction.  This is more science fiction on the technology side of things with some mystery thrown in.  It’s also very suspenseful.  I actually got a little creeped out by the whole idea that this mysterious person was able to know all of this information about Adam and his friends.  It’s pretty creepy.
The ending was quite a cliff hanger and I am really interested to know more.  Trackers is definitely worth a read.  If you’re looking for a quick book that’s a little different in its formatting then I think you’ll enjoy Trackers by Patrick Carman.

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  1. I think I would be in the same boat with you. I love plot lines, especially when I really like them. It's frustrating when the book is short though, because you immediately know you'll be left wanting more. Great review


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