Friday, November 12, 2010

The Legend of Vysallimore by Mike Hemingway

Title:  The Legend of Vysallimore

Author: Mike Hemingway

Illustrator: Dan Drewes

Published: AuthorHouse, 2010

Pages: 70

First Line: “A pilgrim went to Poland, and went to Koszalin.”

Summary: It is said that the epic battle of Vysallimore took place in the Middle Ages, near the Polish city of Kozsalin, during a total eclipse of the sun. Many believe this to be true. The story of how a family of Knights and a brave Inn Keeper fought the evil Graf Vogor and Satan himself to save a silent Maiden has been passed down from one generation to another. When a total eclipse is due, pilgrims journey to Koszalin, to visit the Chapel on the Gora Chelmska and touch the Red Tower. Then they walk the few miles to a narrow strip of sand that divides a lake from the sea. This strip of sand is called Vysallimore. There, they sit by the burned out Lightning Tree and wait. When the eclipse is at its fullest, they witness one of the most awe inspiring sights in the world. The Legend of Vysallimore. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: I had a lot of fun reading The Legend of Vysallimore.  It’s a really fun children’s book and the illustrations look awesome.
As I was reading The Legend of Vysallimore I found myself reading it out loud because it had such a bouncy tune to it that you couldn’t help but read aloud.
The Legend of Vysallimore is written in verse but it reminds me a little of Dr Seuss books because it’s really fun and kind of bouncy in the pattern.  The rhyming is done really well and I really enjoyed reading every part of this book.
Overall, The Legend of Vysallimore is a good book and it’s definitely worth a read.

Source: From publisher for review

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