Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jinx by Meg Cabot

Title: Jinx

Author: Meg Cabot

Publisher: Macmillan, 2007

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Summary: Does Jinx have bad luck - or special powers?

Misfortune has followed Jean Honeychurch all her life - which is how she earned the nickname Jinx. And now her parents have shipped her off to New York City to stay with relatives - including her sophisticated cousin Tory - until the trouble she's caused back home dies down.
Could she even be . . . a WITCH?
Tory is far too cool to bother with Jinx - until Jinx's chronic bad luck wreaks havoc in Tory's perfect life--including causing Tory's crush, Zack, to start paying way too much attention to her red-headed cousin from Iowa. Only then does Jinx discover that beneath Tory's big-city glamour lies a world of hatred and revenge. Now it seems that the jinx that's driven Jean crazy may just be the only thing that can save her life . . .

I really liked reading Jinx, it was different to the kind of books I usually read, to be honest thats the same with Harry Potter too. But I am always into trying new things and Jinx is a new thing that I happened to enjoy.
I'm not sure if the book is meant to have some humour but I found myself laughing at bits and pieces. Like with the p.e session was just funny to me.
I liked Jean, she was an interesting character, always an outcast and completely clumsy lets just say that Jinx is definitely a great nickname for her. At first I didn't like Tory but she kind of grew on me a little.
Jinx is definitely a really good book to read and I think that if you like books about accident prone girls. It's a light read with a bit of humour here and there to keep you going through the book. So if you have some spare time and are looking for a decent read that isn't too heavy pick up Jinx. You might enjoy it.

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  1. I love this book! Meg Cabot's writing is always so fun to read. Glad you enjoyed this one =)

  2. I read this book ages ago. I really enjoyed it too. I love the romance between Jean and that guy.

    Mia @GrippedintoBooks

  3. i like this book so much i read it twice
    meg cabot writes the best books :)

  4. Meg's books ALWAYS put me in a good mood. I have the first Insatiable, but haven't read it yet.


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