Sunday, November 7, 2010

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox was created by Kristi of The Story Siren.  So this week or In My Mailbox post is going to be a little different in that Scarlett and I are doing a joint post of the books we got this week.  So here is what I (Rebecca) got this week:

I put a few books on hold at the library this week because my summer holidays start next week which I'm very excited about.  So I got three books from the library and one book in the mail for review which I was actually really surprised about.

From the library:

Keys to the Repository by Melissa De La Cruz

Lavish parties. Passionate meetings in the night. Bone-chilling murders. Midterms. The day-to-day life of Schuyler Van Alen and her Blue Bloods friends (and enemies) is never boring. But there's oh-so-much more to know about these beautiful and powerful teens. Below the streets of Manhattan, within the walls of the Repository, exists a wealth of revealing information about the vampire elite that dates back before the Mayflower.

Torment by Lauren Kate

May contain spoilersHow many lives do you need to live before you find someone worth dying for? In the aftermath of what happened at Sword & Cross, Luce has been hidden away by her cursed angelic boyfriend, Daniel, in a new school filled with Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and humans. Daniel promises she will be safe here, protected from those who would kill her. At the school Luce discovers what the Shadows that have followed her all her life mean - and how to manipulate them to see into her other lives. Yet the more Luce learns about herself, the more she realizes that the past is her only key to unlocking her future...and that Daniel hasn't told her everything. What if his version of the past isn't actually the way things happened...what if Luce was really meant to be with someone else?

The Project by Brian Falkner

His life could change the world. His death could save it.
It all started with a book. The most boring book in the world! So boring that nobody would ever read it. The perfect place to hide a terrible secret. But now the book has emerged from its hiding place and the world may never be the same. 

And for review I got:
Allie Carson: Interpreter Extraordinaire by Marilyn Kinghorn

Gifted with the secret ability to talk with animals, Allie Carson lives with her father and her younger special needs brother Jonah. When Allie uses her gift to communicate with a young seal, she's told marine animals are mysteriously getting sick and dying. Allie and her best friends Sam and Brenna set out to investigate the problem. Between school, soccer and life at home, will Allie and her friends discover the source of the devastation in time to help her new animal friends?

And that was my week in the way of books.  Now I'll leave you with Scarlett to share what she got this week.

Alrighty, this week was super exciting for me!!!  Mostly because the book I ordered a while back came in the mail and I got two very awesome looking books for review.
The book I bought was

Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony

The year is 2041, and sixteen-year-old Molly McClure has lived a relatively quiet life on an isolated farming island in Canada, but when her family fears the worst may have happened to her grandparents in the US, Molly must brave the dangerous, chaotic world left after global economic collapse—one of massive oil shortages, rampant crime, and abandoned cities. 
I absolutely love science fiction and I'm on a huge dystopian binge at the moment, and I've wanted to read this one for ages.

The two books I got for review are:
The Project by Brian Falkner

After discovering a terrible secret hidden in the most boring book in the world, Iowa fifteen-year-olds Luke and Tommy find out that members of a secret Nazi organization intend to use this information to rewrite history.
After reading Brainjack by Brian Falkner I can't wait to read this one, it looks really good.  I also had a laugh at the fact that both Rebecca and me picked up the same book this week.

Genesis by Lara Morgan

Five hundred years into the future, the world is a different place. The Melt has sunk most of the coastal cities and Newperth is divided into the haves, the “Centrals”; the have-nots, the “Bankers”; and the fringe dwellers, the “Ferals”.

Rosie Black is a Banker. When Rosie finds an unusual box, she has no idea of the grave consequences of her discovery. A mysterious organisation wants it – and will kill to get it.

Forced to rely on two strangers, Rosie is on the run. But who can she trust? Pip, the too attractive Feral, or the secretive man he calls boss?

From Earth to Mars, Rosie must learn the secrets of the box – before it’s too late.

More science fiction for me, which I'm absolutely thrilled about.  So expect more science fiction/dystopian reviews from me in the future.

Unlike Rebecca, I still have two weeks before summer holidays but after that I'll be reading way more.  So expect to see me buying more books lol.

That was what we got this week, what did you guys get?


  1. Oh, is Walker AUS sending out books for review (and across the Tasman)? Good to see more of those on the blogosphere anyway.

    I haven't read any of Brian Faulkner's stuff, although I'll need to get a hold of at least one for my challenges next year (more NZ YA, more sci fi and more boy protags). Saw both The Project and Rose Black at the shops today.

  2. Oooh, the first two are pretty much the only ones I've heard about, so I'll look forward to seeing what you thought of the rest. Happy readings this week. <3

  3. Great IMM this week! I want to read Torment so bad, it's sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me!

    I'm a new follower!

    You can check out my IMM here! Happy Reading!

    Claire :)

  4. lauren kate's fallen series always have such pretty covers. it looks like a great week for you--enjoy your books!

    thank you for stopping by our blog :)

  5. RESTORING HARMONY is going on my wishlist - I love dystopian books and this one sounds great. Thank you for stopping by my mailbox too :)

    Here is mine: In my Mailbox

  6. I've really gotta read Fallen. The covers from the series are so good!
    Although it's not well known, Genesis is a really great book! I hope you get to read it soon to get the word out more and support a talented Aussie author. Have a great week!

  7. The Rosie Black Chronicles sound pretty interesting. I've yet to read any of the Blue Blood books, are they worth picking up?

    Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)

  8. Loveeee the look of all thse books! Especially Allie Carson Interpreter Extraordinaire. I'm a new follower :)

  9. They all sound like great books. Happy reading both of you :)

  10. This sounds great! I'm going to have to check it out!

  11. You both got some nice books. Torment is on my TBR stack too. My YA Mailbox is here. Happy reading!

  12. The Project looks very interesting! Enjoy your books :)

  13. Wow, you had a great week! I'm really looking forward to Torment (that cover is stunning) and Keys to the Repository, can't wait to see what you think. I'm a new follower here as well:) Happy Reading!

  14. Lots of great books. I'm excited for Torment. The Allie Carson book looks cute. I'm a new follower.

  15. Awesome books this week! I love Melissa de la Cruz, but I've never seen this one yet! I'll have to check it out soon!

  16. Wow, you got a lot of books! I really enjoyed Torment! I hope Restoring Harmony is good, I don't recall seeing reviews of it though I've seen the cover many many times on blogs. Can't wait to hear if it's good!

  17. Torment looks great!! I hope you enjoy it!!! :)

  18. What great bunch of books! I have a few of these in my TBR as well! I hope you have a great time reading them all and thanks for stopping by my blog too!
    The Delusional Diaries

  19. I loved Torment and always meant to read Restoring Harmony. I hope you enjoy all of your books! Have a great week!

  20. Yay Torment!!! I can't wait to read that one! I hope you enjoy! =)

  21. A great selection of books.They all look great. I can't wait to read Torment... Happy Reading :)
    Check out what's In My Mailbox
    and don't forget to enter the giveaway

    Mia @GrippedintoBooks

  22. Good books - I can't wait to read Torment.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy reading!

  23. Hi! This looks great! I've been waiting to read Torment!!I had a fun MG novel IMM this week Thanks!

  24. Thanks for visiting our blog! Great books this week! Enjoy!


  25. Looks like you guys got a bunch of great books! Torment is definitely on my list. Happy reading :)

  26. Wow.. you're library stocks some great books!=) My library is holding Torment for me!=)

    Enjoy your reads this week!!

  27. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm now a follower :)
    I've only heard of the first 2 books, but Restoring Harmony and Genisis look good. Enjoy!
    (I would appreciate if you followed back *grins*)
    Hafsah @ IceyBooks

  28. Interesting books! I love the cover for The Rose Black Chronicles. I see you're reading Fire. I haven't read that series yet. But the cover is gorgeous!


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