Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cooking With Healthy Girl by Mandy Potter

Title: Cooking With Healthy Girl: Everyday Recipes made Healthy

Author: Mandy Potter

Published: AuthorHouse, 2010

Summary: I started revising recipes a couple of years ago when I decided it was time to be as healthy as possible without the loss of the foods that I love. I did a lot of research on foods, nutrition, and the body to discover everything I could to enhance the recipes. Every time I create the healthy version of a recipe, I would follow these 6 points: 1. Healthy - decreasing the bad nutrients and increasing the good nutrients 2. Tasty - the recipe needs to taste the same or better 3. Good Portion Size - enough to make you fell full 4. Easy to Make - with two kids I have to make this quickly!! 5. Common/ Everyday Ingredients - ingredients you can buy at the local store and use until they are gone 6. Complete Dinner - pairing a side with an entree makes things a lot easier when trying to feed the family As you will see with my recipes, I still use some of the staple ingredients that I used when I was cooking the unhealthy versions - I just change how much of those ingredients are used and how those ingredients are used. I also added many new staples to my kitchen that help change my recipes to the healthy version. These recipes have helped change my family to a new and healthy lifestyle and I hope they do the same for yours.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: The cover of this book looks so delicious and the colour scheme is really cool, so this is one very eye-catching recipe book.
I liked Cooking With Healthy Girl because the pictures in this book looked so delicious.  You definitely don’t want to be flicking through this book when you’re hungry because it makes you even hungrier.  I spent ages just flicking through looking at the pictures over and over again because they make the food look so good.
I actually made the mud cake in the book and I found the instructions really clear and the mud cake tasted really good, which is always a bonus.  What’s more this book is full of healthy recipes, so it’s a healthier version of a mud cake.
I really think that Cooking With Healthy Girl is a great recipe book as there are so many great recipes in it and the author, Mandy Potter, has made sure they’re all healthy and taste great.  I’ll definitely be using this book for more of the recipes like, the Hamburger Pizza sounds amazing.
Another really awesome thing is that with all the recipes there’s a lot of variety.  So, I absolutely hate mince with a passion and it was good that I could find recipes that didn’t have mince.  There was a really nice balance between the different meats used in each dish.
My one issue with this book is that the temperature is in Fahrenheit and it doesn’t have conversion tables or actually state that it is in Fahrenheit so I did a bit of a double take when the recipe called for me to heat my oven to 350  (180 C).  Other than that this recipe book is a great one and it’s worth adding to anybody’s collection.

Source: From publisher for review

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