Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bookish Webs

This month's edition of Bookish Webs is an edition on where to buy books online.  For this post we'll have two international book stores online and two for New Zealanders only!

International Section

Amazon is amazing not only for books but for several other things.  Amazon is really good for buying books online because they allow people from any country to buy books.  Shipping cost is something you have to be careful about though, but they deliver items really quickly.  

The Book Depository is a new favourite for many people.  This one is a really awesome place to buy books from because shipping is free for anyone from a list of countries.  Which you can view here.  The Book Depository deliver quite quickly too so that is a bonus. 

New Zealand Section

Mightyape is a good site for books.  They're really helpful too because they have a fantastic pre-order section. Mightyape is also easy to navigate and is a great place to find books by New Zealand authors.

Whitcoulls has the very nice perk of free shipping to anyone in New Zealand.  You can find almost any book on there that has been published in Australia, the UK or the US.   Delivery is fast and effective and the books are really cheap.

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