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The Oxford Murders by Guillermo Martinez

Title: The Oxford Murders

Author: Guillermo Martinez

Published: Abacus, 2005

Pages: 197

First Line: "Now that the years have passed and everything's been forgotten, and now that I've received a terse email from Scotland with the sad news of Seldom's death, I feel I can, break my silence which he never asked for anyway and tell the truth about events that reached the British papers in the summer of '93 with macabre and sensationalist headlines."

Summary: When an Argentine math student discovers the smothered body of his landlady, conventional wisdom points to a family member with the most prosaic of motives. But then renowned logician Arthur Seldom, author of a book on the mathematics of serial killers, tells of a strange note left in his mailbox. The note indicates that the murder is the first in a series linked by a mysterious pattern. Each new death is accompanied by a different mathematical shape. It seems that the serial killer can be stopped only if someone can crack the next symbol in the sequence. The leading Oxford logician and the math graduate team up on a quest to crack the cryptic clues.

Review: If you like murder mysteries and you like mathematics then I'm sure you'll really like The Oxford Murders.  It starts out a little slow but you have to give it a chance because the more it gets into the story it is much better and far more interesting.

It is a very unique story with a huge spin at the end that I think you'll either love or hate.  It's one of those things.  I really liked it because it's something that I like to think about often so it didn't bother me, but reading some other reviews of The Oxford Murders I can say that the ending is not liked by all.  I'd still say give it a go anyway.

One thing I found more interesting than anything was the little backstories about mathematicians and mathematical ideas that they had come up with.  Being a bit of a mathematics fan (I major in statistics) I thought that The Oxford Murders was just amazing.

I wouldn't recommend this for everyone but if you like murder mysteries and mathematics then definitely check out The Oxford Murders.

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  1. I've seen the movie that is based on this novel a couple of years ago, and liked it. I'm not exactly a fan of murder mysteries, so that must be why I never bothered to go look for the book. But I think I'll give it a try,


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