Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bookish Webs

After taking a break from Bookish Webs last month I am happy to present to you this month with a bookish web that isn't just bookish but it's bookish enough for Bookish webs and it's one of my favourite sites.  This month's bookish web is Fun Trivia.

Fun Trivia is a site where you can do quizzes made by people about any topic you can think of.  You can even make your own quizzes.  If you'd like to know some more about Fun Trivia you can go here for their about page.

I've been a member of Fun Trivia since 2002 and I still love it.  I've made a few quizzes and yes a lot of them are about books. Which brings me to my next point.

There are so many quizzes on Fun Trivia related to books.  So anyone who loves books, can go and take quizzes on books by your favourite authors, or your favourite books, or if you've just read a book and it's fresh in your mind.  I could spend hours or days on Fun Trivia just taking quizzes.

Fun Trivia is pretty easy to navigate and if you're a member you can take on different challenges and earn points and badges.  It's really fun.

If you have an account on Fun Trivia then look me up my username is vegeta_nz and do some of my quizzes or friend me.  And if you haven't joined Fun Trivia yet but would like to then all you need to do is visit here and create an account and get doing these awesome quizzes. If you visit that link and create an account then I'll get some bonus points but if you just want to join up without giving me points you can do so here. Either way Fun Trivia is a really fun place so go ahead and go there!

Got a bookish web you'd like featured? Want your blog to get publicity? Want to know more about Bookish Webs? Just go here.

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