Monday, September 6, 2010

The Tarot Cafe Volume One by Sang-Sun Park

Title: The Tarot Cafe

Author: Sang-Sun Park

Published: Los Angeles: Tokypop, 2005

Series: Volume One, The Tarot Cafe

Summary: Pamela, a tarot card reader who helps supernatural beings living in the human world, has a deep dark secret that she must deal with before she can move on to the next life.

Review: I like reading manga from time to time because they're quite different to most other types of book.  The Tarot Cafe has a supernatural element which I really enjoyed.

The illustrations were all really good and I liked how they were quite a bit different to the majority of manga that I have read before this one.  The male characters were drawn a lot more feminine than what I'm used to so at times I had a little bit of trouble telling whether a character was male or female but in the end I really enjoyed it.

I found the story line for The Tarot Cafe to be really engaging and highly entertaining. I loved reading the stories that each character had to tell and the endings that they had.

Overall, I think that The Tarot Cafe is a good manga for those who are just starting out with manga, or for those who enjoy a good supernatural sort of story.  I really loved The Tarot Cafe and I cannot wait to continue on with the series.

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  1. I read the entire series in Italian and I LOVED it! :D


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