Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Really Anything to do with books (but kind of distantly)

I haven't really been reading much lately so I thought I'd make this post about something a little different.  I chose this topic because I've been feeling a little bit nostalgic about the old disney animated movies.  So I want to talk about them.

I have two absolute favourite disney animated films.  The first one is Beauty and the Beast. I think I love this one so much because Belle loves books and I love books so I can really relate to her in that way.  I also think it's a really sweet and amazing story.  It is a good example of why we shouldn't judge others based on their looks.

My second favourite is The Jungle Book.  I think it is because it has a really strong theme of friendship and I really like stories about friendships.  I also think the Jungle Book is hilarious so thats always helpful.  The songs in the Jungle Book are really catchy and awesome too.

So my question for you  is what is your favourite disney animated film if you have one?


  1. I love Disney Movies too! I cried through Lion King!

  2. My favourite is Beauty And The Beast as well. I used to watch it every weekend as a kid. I was not obsessed haha.

  3. I also love Disney movies! I have an excuse to collect them now since both my girls love them too.
    I love Beauty and the Beast, but my favorite is The Little Mermaid!

  4. I love Disney movies. I adore Beauty and The Beast, but my favourite was Pocahontas. :) I love the forest and the songs she sung. And of course the beautiful forbidden love. :)

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