Friday, September 17, 2010

Love Triangles: Yay or Nay

Reading a lot of books lately there is one common theme that keeps popping up.  And that is the love triangle.  So I'm writing a post today on the love triangle in books and what I think of them and what you think of them.

I personally, am not such a huge fan.  I mean they're alright from time to time but it starts to annoy me when every single book has love triangles. I mean not every girl has to choose between two guys. At least I don't think they do.  I know I don't.  Then some books tend to go to extremes, I won't name the series but one series even has the character juggling three or four guys.

What I'm saying is that love triangles are showing up here there and everywhere.  What do you think of them?


  1. I don't like love-triangles. Gets on my nerves when there's a love-triangle where it's so obvious who the girl will end up with. Seriously, what's the point then?
    Still, I will read a book with a love-triangle if the story sounds interesting. Can't help myself there.

  2. Unless they're done very well, I don't like them. They tend to make me dislike the heroine because she comes off as wishy washy. However, their can be exceptions. Katniss from the Hunger Games, for instance, was confused about her feelings for Peeta and Gale throughout the majority of the series. Considering everything else that was going on in her life, I might have liked her less if she HAD been madly in love and spent entire chapters mooning over one of them.
    I guess my conclusion is: They're over done and unless the author is talented enough to pull one off, the book works better without a love triangle.

  3. I am back and forth on them. If they are written well, then they can be awesome in a book, but I do not like the story to be all about the love triangle.
    Books I really enjoy them in: Twilight, Iron King/daughter, Dead Tossed Waves (I am not finished but can't decide!!!).

    Sometimes I just want ONE hot and drool worthy love interest though. Light of Asteria is a perfect example. They are completely devoted to one another and that is the love that I would really want to pull for!

  4. I guess it depends how it's written. Sometimes it bothers me a bit, sometimes I even like it because it gives more focus to those characters. But what I really hate is when the "loser" guy ends up dying, so that the heroine doesn't have to feel bad for not choosing him - that's just the easy way out!

    What I think is better is a different kind of love triangle, where the hero has two love interests, and the heroine has to make sure she is the one that will get the boy, especially when the other girl is quite nice as well.

  5. I'm trying to write a love triangle where even I don't know who the character ends up with. I think I'd like it more when the romance wasn't the main focus like the Hunger Games. The author did a pretty good job juggling the romance and the action where you weren't worrying so muhc over who she was going to be with, but it was always in the back of your mind.


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