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Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl and April Henry

Title: Face of Betrayal

Author: Lis Wiehl and April Henry

Published: Thomas Nelson, 2009

Pages: 320

Series: Book 1, Faith and Consequences

Snippet:"It's not like they all go from charming and manipulative to hosing their wife's blood off the driveway."

Summary: While home on Christmas break, a seventeen-year-old Senate page takes her dog out for a walk and never returns. Reporter Cassidy Shaw is the first to break the story. The resulting media firestorm quickly ensnares Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce and FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges. The three unique women are life-long friends who call themselves The Triple Threat--a nickname derived from their favorite dessert and their uncanny ability to crack cases via their three positions of power.
Though authorities think Katie might have been kidnapped or run away, those theories shatter when Nicole uncovers Katie's blog. They reveal a girl troubled by a mysterious relationship with an older man. Possibly a US Senator.
There are many faces of betrayal, but they must find the one face in a crowd of growing suspects before they become the next victims. (Taken from BookSneeze)

Review: I've been reading a lot of mystery fiction lately and I really think that Face of Betrayal is one of the best yet.  I thought it would be a book where I would know how everything played out because the story line has been done a dozen times before, but no, it was amazingly awesome.

The characters were all very unique and they each bought their own little thing to the party and it just made the whole book flow together quite nicely.  I'm not sure if I have a favourite character but I really liked all three of the main characters.

The mystery itself was really good, it was everything I could want in a mystery book.  For most of the book Katie is missing and we don't know what has happened to her and it's just a huge pageturner because I wanted to know what happened to Katie.  Then I found out and I still wanted to keep reading because I had to know more about what happened.

One thing that bugged me a little bit was not all of the loose ends were tied up but I think I may have missed something or it will be revealed in a later book.

The ending was pretty good as far as endings go, basically right up until the end I had been guessing because I wasn't 100% sure of what was happening, but I had guessed at the outcome, I was still a little surprised though.

Overall, I really enjoyed Face of Betrayal, it was an amazing mystery that kept me guessing until the end.  If you're a fan of mystery suspense thrillers then I think you'd really enjoy Face of Betrayal.  I for one, cannot wait to read more from the series.

Source: BookSneeze

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