Monday, July 5, 2010

Wind-back review: Modern Tale of Faerie

This weeks wind-back review is of Tithe and it's sequel Ironside by Holly Black.

My first comment is how cool are these covers?  To be honest though, I thought the start of the book was a bit crude and not my type of thing at all.  I'm really glad that I forced myself through those parts because the rest of the book was really cool. I liked reading about the fey and the seelie and unseelie courts.  It was really entertaining but there are some swearing and not so fantastic behaviour.

I know that there's a companion novel between Tithe and Ironside but after reading Tithe I really wanted to read Ironside to find out more about Kaye and Roiban.  I liked Tithe even more than Ironside because it mostly all about the fey world and well I loved hearing all about the different fey creatures and glamours and just the entire concept of Ironside is so cool.  I really like Roiban, I'm not sure why but he was my favourite character.

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  1. I must read these books already!! I'll have to remember to stick it out for the first one :)


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