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Prophet of the Pentacle by Marilyn D. Privratsky

Title: Prophet of the Pentacle

Author: Marilyn D. Privratsky

Published: Outskirts Press, 2009

Pages: 45

Snippet:"All was peaceful and serene, but not everyone found sleep on such a night."

Summary: In ancient times, a great battle was fought between a ruthless evil, named Lord Jarden and a powerful sphinx, named Berecynthia. She defeated and imprisoned this evil, but was mortally wounded, so unable to vanquish it. After the passing of five ages, a royal advisor named, Randye of Corpus, sets out on a mission for the king of the Shandel, to investigate a mysterious and lonely isle named, Ice Isle. Unknowingly the advisor sets free the ancient evil and becomes its host. Now the only thing that is able to save the beautiful realm of Andora and her people from this ancient evil is a sacred alliance of prophets called the Osarian Knights. Trained by a mysterious sphinx known as Farro, ages earlier, these prophetic knights struggle to stop the ruthless creature from turning the mystical realm into a wasteland of burning ash and hell on earth, which would only be the beginning... (Taken from Goodreads)

Review:  Prophet of the Pentacle was a really interesting book. It was a very very short book (45 pages of text and a few pages of maps and charts).  Apart from the size of the book being very memorable the language and the way the book was written was really cool. It was something different and I just loved the way the book was written. It made for something different and just made the book have an old style feel to it.

The story line itself was unique and something  different.  I thought it was really good for the most part but I found myself getting a little confused at some parts.  I did enjoy it overall though.

There was very little character development which I think accounts for the length of the book. I didn't think the lack of character development took away from the story line because I have a feeling there will be more of that in the next book.

Overall, Prophet of the Pentacle is a good book if you're interested in fantasy novels.  I believe that Prophet of the Pentacle is an adults book but really there is no reason why anyone aged 12 and up can't read it.

Source: Copy received from author for review

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  1. Thank you for your review of my book, Prophet of the Pentacle! There is in deed more to come with the coming, "The Chronicles of Farro". This book was merely the stepping stone into a bigger world! Thanks again! Marilyn D. Privratsky


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