Friday, July 9, 2010

A list of books related to Body Image and Self Perception

In honour of Body Image and Self Perception Month I have gone through all my review archives and found these books related to Body Image and Self Perception. Click on the links to find my reviews. Some fit into more than one category so they are in more than one place.

Eating Disorders:
Jane in Bloom by Deborah Lytton
Looks by Madeleine George
Skinny by Ibi Kaslik 
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Obesity/Over Weight:
Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee
Huge by Sasha Paley
Looks by Madeleine George

About Griffen's Heart by Tina Shaw
See Ya Simon by David Hill

Body/Feature Issues:
Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern
Specials by Scott Westerfeld
You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn


  1. I recommend My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter for the Body Issues category...

    You have an award on my blog:

  2. Can I recommend my own book to you? ALL ABOUT VEE. I don't mean to sound self-serving but if you like these body issues books, you may like mine. Cheers~


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