Friday, July 2, 2010

Body Image and Self-Perception Month

Yesterday I briefly talked about how this month I am partaking in Body Image & Self Perception Month which is hosted by Jo at Once Upon a Bookcase.  Today I'm writing this post as a brief introduction so that if you're interested you can find out more about it.

So what is Body Image and Self Perception Month?
Basically, it is where a whole heap of YA bloggers and authors get together and talk about issues they have or  review books that are about body image and self-perception.
If you'd like to know even more about it, Jo has a great post which you can read here.

So this month I'll be posting up some reviews and posts that relate to body image and self-perception as well as some regular posts, so stay tuned for that.

Other bloggers participating are:
Jo of Once Upon a Bookshelf
Sasha of The Sweet Bonjour
Chloe of The Book Bug
Luisa of Chicklish
Christina from Reading Extensively

Authors that are participating are:
Jan Blazanin
Sydney Salter
Simmone Howell
Sarah Darer Littman
Allen Zadoff
Deborah Lytton
Liz Rettig
Mary Hogan
Simone Elkeles
Laurie Halse Anderson
A. M. Vrettos
Suzanne Supplee
K. L. Going

So that is what's going down this month, hope everyone enjoys it.


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