Monday, June 7, 2010

Wind-back review: The Circle of Magic

This week's wind-back review is the Circle of Magic quartet by Tamora Pierce.  It's the first the first series written in the Circle Universe.

The Magic in the Weaving
It was an interesting beginning to a series and it took me about two weeks to read.  I found it was kind of slow-going but I really like Sandry so this book was quite good.  It was really awesome getting to know the new characters and seeing them become a part of the big picture as a whole.

The Power in the Storm
I liked this one and I really don't like Tris as a character too much, but I think the Power in the Storm made her seem a little better in my mind.  I don't remember too much about this book as a whole though because it took me a long time to read because it just wasn't as good as I would've liked it to be.

The Fire in the Forging
I didn't mind the Fire in the Forging.  It was better than the Power in the Storm but not too much better.  I think that Daja is a cool character but over the entire series I didn't really find myself connecting with any of the characters too much.  After the third book I get the feeling that the Circle Universe books are better suited to a male audience than a female one just because there isn't too much character development and more action.

The Healing in the Vine
It took me a really long time to get around to reading the fourth and final book in the quartet because while I did like the series it wasn't my overall favourite. It took me hardly any time to whizz my way through The Healing in the Vine, it is my favourite of the entire series.  I really liked this one.  You get to know the characters more, and it's got this mysterious element to it which just makes it really interesting. It kind of makes me want to carry on to the Circle Opens quartet which involves the same characters and how they go on.

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