Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bookish Webs

This months Bookish Webs post I'll be talking about the site Book Blogs which was created on a Ning network.

Basically, Book Blogs is a network dedicated to people who have a book blog and want to be a part of a large book blogging community. There are several features on Book Blogs that allow you to take part in the book blogging community any way that you want.

When you sign up you can create and personalize a page for yourself to show your blog, you can even put your blog entries up if you want to. Having a personalized page like this also allows authors and other bloggers to find and contact you if you wish them to.

Some of the other things you can do are go to the forums and post topics that you want to have discussions about or you can discuss with others on posts that are already up.
There are also groups you can join so if you're a fan of something specific like paranormal romances then you can search for groups and join them where you can chat with people with similar things.

If you're interested in Book Blogs you can go to the site here.

I have a book blogs account but have abandoned it of recent just because I haven't really been using it.

Got a bookish web you'd like featured? Want to know more about Bookish Webs? Just go here.

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