Monday, April 26, 2010

Wind-back review: Deadly

This week's Wind-back review is of the Deadly series by Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman. I am going to do this mini review a little differently today in the sense that I will be talking about the series as a whole instead of one book at a time because they're all one after another so it's like one book in six parts.

I got the Deadly series as a Christmas present one year and I have read it a few times. They're just really good books. The beginning of the first book is so good. Basically, you have to read it to get the full effect of it. I suppose at times you could call the series a little crude but they actually are pretty good books. There is so much humour in them. Plus Sprocket and Amy are two very interesting main characters. The whole idea of the plot is a little out there but it is totally awesome. I think that these books are really good for a summer's day when you just want a bit of a light read. I do warn you though, you need to read all of the books in one go because they are seriously addictive. I love the ending too. You just have to read them to find out.

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