Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh

Title: The Night Tourist

Author: Katherine Marsh

Published: Hyperion, 2007

Pages: 240

Series: Book 1, The Night Tourist

Snippet:"You died this morning. You were ... hit by a train."

Summary: Jack Perdu, a ninth grade classics prodigy, lives his with father on the Yale University campus. Smart and introverted, Jack spends most of his time alone, his nose buried in a book. But one winter evening, a near-fatal accident changes Jack's life forever. His father sends him to see a mysterious doctor in New York City--a place Jack hasn't visited since his mother died there eight years ago. In Grand Central Terminal, he meets Euri, a girl who offers to show him the train station's hidden places--the ones only true urban explorers really know about. Eight flights below the train station, however, Jack discovers more than just hidden tracks and mysterious staircases. He has stumbled upon New York's ghostly underworld. This, Jack believes, is his chance to see his mother again. But as secrets about Euri's past are revealed, so are the true reasons for Jack's visit to the underworld.
Review: The Night Tourist was an interesting book. I have to say that it's more for a younger age than young adult but it is still a very enjoyable book.
I think that if you like mythology of the greek and roman sort then you'll definitely like this book. There were so many underlying references to several of the myths that I enjoyed it so much.
The story itself was really cool and I just loved the whole idea of it.
I just didn't think the characters were so great.
The whole time the book was hinting at this huge thing and I guessed what it was so it wasn't as enjoyable in my opinion.
This is the first book in a series and I know there is a sequel so I'll definitely read that at some point.

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