Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Wrap-up

So, this month has been quite an interesting month. Very different from normal, but I hope that all of you who joined in with the celebrations had fun.

As last month I did a quick summary of the books I read and the books I received I'll do that again now.  I read 8 books and received 5 books.  Which is awesome because it means I am diminishing my tbr pile if not slowly this month.  But I have a 3 week holiday now so I can hopefully get a lot of reading done during that time.

This month when it comes to making changes I am going to be introducing a new feature where I'll be doing little mini reviews of books I read a couple of years ago. This will be happening every Monday for a while. Basically until I run out of ideas/books. But you'll see more about that on Monday.

Now finally, as you may have noticed, there was a big celebration going on last month and yesterday we announced the winners. Today I'm here to share the answers to some of the little bits we did, and a couple of interesting statistics from some of the questions we asked. But firstly we have answers:

Summery Quiz Answers:
1. The Au Pairs
2. Hailey Abbott
3. Bryan Adams
4. Grease
5. Boy
6. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Vampire Mash-Up Answers:
1. Braced 2 Bite
2. The Girl's Guide To Vampires
3. Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side
4. Chosen
5. Tantalize
6. Piggies
7. Breaking Dawn
8. Glass Houses
9. Dance With A Vampire

Rachel Vincent Quiz
1. Kaci and Nyx
2. Prey
3. My Soul To Lose

Also, we reached 200 followers during our celebrations so while Scarlett and I talked about doing something special for the occassion we thought we'd wait until we got to 250 followers (if we ever do) to have a celebration instead seeing as how we just had our big blogoversary celebration.

And I think thats all for this month. If you celebrate Easter have a good one and if you don't then enjoy the time off you get because of Easter and most of all. Have a great April!

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