Friday, April 30, 2010

In which I talk about reviews

Since I've joined up with Rebecca on Everything to do with books there have been heaps of little things we've been working on such as our blogoversary celebration last month. Now today I am going to be talking about book reviews and how they'll be going down from here.

I've been reading some YA titles recently and thats all fine because I do enjoy YA fiction. But I've been reading a lot of books that Rebecca reads, and they're not my all-time choices in books. From now on I'll be reading and reviewing the books that I choose to and so it'll be all me and the books I love and everything.
So here are the books that I will be reading and reviewing:
Science fiction

I don't always read YA but my next review is going to be a YA book!!!

On another note, Rebecca and I occasionally read the same books so we'll be doing joint reviews on these books. So that will be doubly awesome!

Lastly, I have a super exciting announcement to make and that is that from now on I will be posting up every Friday. Now I won't be reviewing books every week like this week, but some weeks will be really fun. I'd like some opinions from you guys!

So what would you like me to do on these randomly fun Friday's!!! Leave your comments below.

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  1. I am not sure, I always have to mull these things over for awhile. But I will be interested in knowing what you plan to post on randomly fun Fridays!


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