Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I really love reading but...

There are other things that keep getting in the way of my reading.  I seem to find myself being a youtube addict lately and I just keep finding Zillions of really awesome youtube channels that I subscribe to and watch like crazy.
Then there is blogging, which doesn't actually take away from my reading time too much except on Sunday/Monday when I try to comment on everyone's In My Mailbox posts but I do that because it's really fun.
Then there are just the other bits and pieces like having a social life and studying and things like that but at the end of the day I try to do some reading every day. Lately, I haven't really been able to do much reading though.
Anyway, what I'm really trying to say is that sometimes it is pretty hard to get a lot of reading done because the internet is so addictive.
So for the rest of this month I will try not to spend so much time online and get some reading done.  I'll see how I go with that and then if it goes well I may carry on with it in May.
Really this post is just a huge question asking, how much reading do you get done a month? Do you feel the internet makes it harder to read books because it's such a huge distraction?


  1. It does and it doesn't. I think that being active online adds to my reading pile because I'm always reading about great books and then I buy them. I can see what you're saying, though. I try to take at least one hour a day to read and sometimes will devote a weekend day to reading. But, there's never enough time for reading!

  2. Yes, the internet is a huge distraction. I still manage to read on average 20 books a month. But the problem is that I find out about so many good books that I buy 50 books a month. Do some quick math and you will see that I am being buried by my TBR pile. I have no self-control. I am a book addict.

  3. I definitely read more before I started blogging. But I'm trying to turn that around and get my reading levels back to where it used to be!

  4. I read almost everyday on my trainride to college and back to home. I love it. There are days that I only blog and don't read at all! I love the internet and by reading blogs my tbrlist is getting higher and higher, but that's my own choice.. I dont internet keeps me away from reading,when I;m in the mood to read I will read and otherwise I wont. Still I hope you get allot of reading done this week and the next so there will be lots of great reviews that I can read. :)

  5. This is spot-on for me -I just blogged about not being in a reading "mood" these days. Definitely the online stuff takes time away from reading books but it's an attention span thing too. Even if I broke away from the computer, like I do to write, I still don't have the attention span (right now!) to do a lot of book-reading. It comes and goes...


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