Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Zealand Fiction

Being from New Zealand I thought it would be fitting to do a giveaway of a book by a New Zealand author.  Now I really like a lot of New Zealand authors and in the end I decided on Maurice Gee.  So today I am giving you the choice between these two books (the winner will receive a different cover to these):

Hostel Girl

Ailsa takes a dislike to Calum Page from the day she is invited to play tennis with his sister. She knows Mrs Page looks down on her because her mother is the matron at Woburn Hostel, but Ailsa enjoys her life there. It's rich and varied and sometimes strange. In particular, she is fascinated with the love life of her glamorous roommate, Gloria. At first Gloria is amused when anonymous love letters start to arrive, but as each letter becomes more menacing both girls realise the writer knows Gloria's every move and must be watching her - day and night. When the stalker closes in on Gloria, Ailsa becomes convinced she knows his identity. As she struggles to understand the complexities of obsessive love, Ailsa finds an unexpected ally and a gentler kind of love.

The Fat Man

Herbert Muskie is The Fat Man. When he catches skinny, hungry Colin Potter stealing a chocolate bar, he forces Colin to become his partner in crime. This begins an ever-escalating cycle of dominance fueled by Muskie's hatred of the people of Loomis--a grudge Colin doesn't understand. The Fat Man's sphere of influence quickly ensnares the rest of Colin's family and threatens to destroy their lives.

So if you like the sound of either of those books and would like to win one, just fill in the form below:


  1. I'm an Aussie but I don't think i have read a book by a New Zealand author! :O
    Not that I know of anyway.

  2. I love to find new authors. Thanks for the contest.


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