Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Dust of 100 Dogs

Yarr, ye be hearin' right.  Today we be givin' away a signed copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King and some bookmarks thanks to A.S King.

So I can stop talking like a pirate now.  For this contest we wanted to make it nice and fun but not too hard. So seeing as how The Dust of 100 Dogs is about  a pirate.  I scoured the net for a pirate name generator and found one that I thought was pretty cool.

My pirate name is Swabbin' Sandy Kidd
Scarlett's pirate name is Pirate Anne Marie The Fruit

So what do we want you to do?
Today all you have to do is go here and get your pirate name.  Then fill in the form below telling us your pirate name to be in to win.

Rules for all contests can be found here.

Click here to get your pirate name.

Fill in this form to be in to win:


  1. Fab idea for a contest - I hope people will share their names in the comments so we all get to read them. Mine was Cap'n Misty Cannonballs which really made me giggle :o)

  2. I entered, and if anyone was wondering, I was "Doormat" Caroline Slaughter

  3. Arrrr I be Frownin' Bette Cutler! Hehe that was fun, great contest! Loving everyone's names so far :D

  4. This is fun :)
    my name :Iron Deficient Bella

  5. Hehehe! Very fun.

    Mine is Lazy Eye Jessie! Does that mean I get an eyepatch!? :)

  6. This is awesome. My name is Cap'n Bette Deadweight.

  7. This is an excelent contest! I've really been wanting to read this book. My pirate name Jan. XD


  8. Arrrrr great contest! XD My pirate name is Jolly Marie Cutty! ^_/x


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