Wednesday, February 17, 2010


After yesterday's review I wanted to write up a little explanation post/ this would make an interesting discussion post.  I think I should explain how I feel about endings.

I'm not always a fan of happy endings thats true but I love endings that make the whole book.  To me the ending is the most important part of the book.

To me, the ending can pretty much make or break a book.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't just judge books on the endings.  But if a book has an absolutely brilliant ending then I will love it even more than if it had a bad ending.

I think as a HUGE mystery fan, I love trying to guess the ending and then when the ending is completely unexpected it makes the book that much better.

When talking about ending types I think my favourite type of ending would be a twist ending.  I love completely unexpected twist endings.

I do have a list of books that have some of the best endings ever (in my opinion):
The Rag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier
Animal Farm by George Orwell
1984 by George Orwell

I think my favourite book ending would be Animal Farm, I'm not entirely sure why but I just think it's a fantastic ending.  It's perfect and I will never ever forget it. If you've read Animal Farm let me know what you think of the ending.

I think thats the end of my little rant about Endings. I'd love to know some of your thoughts on them.


  1. My favourite book ending is The Book Thief. It's the most heartbreaking, sad ending I've ever read, but wow does it work.

    Sometimes, endings have to be realistic, rather than happy. They're the ones that stick with you the most.

    Great discussion.

  2. A bad ending will kill a book for me. I was reading a crime/thriller and was loving it until everything was revealed. Not only was it a shock but, as far as I could see, totally implausible. Absolutely killed by happy. Endings have to be strong in books. If the ending is weak, it'll bring down the rest of the book.

  3. The above comments and your post pretty much read my mind.
    I'm a fan of happy endings but most of the time they're just unrealistic. An ending should fit with the story, and not everything has to be tied up.
    In life, there are loose ends. Books are no excuse. I've never thought that this is a bad thing.


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