Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newes From The Dead by Mary Hooper

Title: Newes From The Dead

Author: Mary Hooper

Published: London : Bodley Head, 2008

Pages: 307

Snippet: "If this happened, am I now dead?"

Summary: In 1650 Anne Green, a young servant girl, gave birth prematurely to an illegitimate child. Sadly the baby died and poor Anne was falsely accused of infanticide. She was hanged and then carried to the College of Physicians. But as Anne's corpse lay on the table, a strange rattle was heard in her throat. Could she still be alive?

Review: Newes From The Dead is a book I judged the cover of before picking it up. I thought, wow this looks like a great book, there's a creepy girl on the cover so it has to be a creepy story.

I really shouldn't judge books by covers because this one was a lot different to how I thought it would be.

I'm not really a historical fiction fan, but Newes From The Dead was pretty interesting. At first, I wanted to know more about Anne, about why she was hung. Then when I found out I thought it was a little boring.

If you like historical fiction then I'd say you would like Newes From The Dead because it is quite good. It just wasn't my type of book.

I guess a good summary of my opinion would be that Newes From The Dead was alright, it was something different and while I didn't love it, I didn't hate it either.

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