Monday, January 4, 2010

Faces in the Fire by T.L Hines

Title: Faces in the Fire

Author: T.L. Hines

Published: Nashville : Thomas Nelson, 2009

Pages: 354

Snippet: "Yes he was a zombie. And zombies fed on the living. Always."

Summary: Kurt Marlowe is a long-haul truck driver who is hearing strange things over his CB radio. When he goes to a truck stop to try to find a phone, he ends up having breakfast with a young woman with a stunning catfish tattoo on her arm. Inside the tattoo is a series of numbers that she didn't even realize were there . . . but that have great significance.

This collision with her life sets off an unstoppable series of interactions . . . each of which leaves the participants with the bizarre feeling that something fundamental has changed, and yet they have also, somehow, been freed.

Review: Faces in the Fire is a very interesting book. Nothing like any book I have ever read before. For starters, the chapters aren't in order. At first I felt this a little confusing and wanted to look for the first chapter to start from there but eventually I resisted and read the book as is. One day I may go back and read the chapters in order out of interest.

Despite being jumbled, the story itself is actually really interesting. I was hooked in from the first chapter.

I loved the supernatural element present within the whole book. It was so interesting to see the four people all having a supernatural element with them.

I didn't have a favourite character as all four were very different and interesting in their own ways. I did love seeing how all the characters were intertwined and how the numbers affected everyone.

Overall, Faces in the Fire is really bizarre but addictive and definitely a good read. This is more for an adult audience but would suit a teen audience fine too. If you get the opportunity to definitely read this book.

Source: Thomas Nelson Publishers

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