Friday, January 15, 2010

Brainjack by Brian Falkner

Title: Brainjack

Author: Brian Falkner

Published: Newton, Walker Books Australia, 2009

Pages: 438

Snippet: "In an instant the playful dolphins disappeared, replaced by a swarm of writhing, circling sharks."

Summary: Sam, a teenage computer genius, takes up an invitation to join a secret online convention for the best hackers in the world. The location for the convention? The White House. But Sam finds out that it is really a challenge to find expert hackers to protect the country. Sam is thrown into a world of international high-risk security and double crossing traitors where he must protect the world from a metasystem, connected to every computer terminal satellite and secuitry camera, that seeks to erase the human race.

Review: I found Brainjack to be a really interesting read. The beginning of the book had me hooked and I wanted to read it a lot because I really liked it and was really interested in what happened.

I love mysteries and I really wanted to know who was the cyber terrorists etc. Once I found out though I kind of struggled through the rest of the book. It was about three-quarters of the way through but I just found the ending to be quite slow going.

Brainjack was set in the future but we're not given a year at any point so I have no idea when it is but this is in a way a good thing because it means the year will never arrive.

I loved the little hints about futuristic things like USB3 and virtual reality headsets.

Brian Falkner did a brilliant job in describing what it's like using a headset and I loved reading ever part of it.

I liked Sam too. He's the kind of guy that I'd like to be friends with. He's cool but not cool to too many people. I liked knowing only a little bit about him. It made him seem a bit more mysterious.

Overall, Brainjack is a really cool book and if you ever get the chance to read it, go for it.

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