Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bookish Webs

This month for Bookish Webs I am going to be featuring Thomas Nelson : Book Review Bloggers. This is a site for anyone who has a book blog and you can receive free books for review from Thomas Nelson Publishing Company.

To become a reviewer for Thomas Nelson you can sign up here. They will then check out your blog to make sure it's legitimate and if it is you can choose one book for review at a time. An example of some of the books available is below. Alternatively you can check out this page.

There are a few guidelines about the reviews and you have to post your review on your own blog and another site. For more information about the guidelines you can visit here.
You can also read reviews here. Below is a picture of a few of the books that you can read reviews for. All reviews have an average star rating so you can read reviews for the best books if you want.

Overall, I think that Book Review Bloggers is a really good bookish web. I've been reviewing books for them for a few months and have reviewed a total of four books.
I find them really good because they cater to international bloggers such as myself and they give you a lot of helpful reviewer resources for the books you're reviewing.

If you'd like more information just check out their website here.

*Update: Thomas Nelson : Book Review Bloggers is now Book Sneeze. The features are exactly the same but the appearance and name have gone under some changes.*

If you have any ideas of websites you'd like me to feature let me know by dropping a comment or emailing me at

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