Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blue Moon by Alyson Noël

Title: Blue Moon

Author: Alyson Noël

Published: New York : St. Martin's Griffin, 2009

Pages: 289

Snippet:""You left me."
Not realizing until I've said my final good-bye and closed the door behind me, that he's not referring to the past.
He's prophesying our future. "

Summary: Eager to learn everything she can about her new abilities as an Immortal, Ever turns to her beloved Damen to show her the way, but just as her powers are increasing, his are in decline, and as she searches for a way to save him, she finds herself with a wrenching choice to make.

Review: I have mixed feelings about Blue Moon. I have to say I kind of got a bit annoyed with it.

The characters all seemed to have so many flaws and no good qualities what-so-ever. Damen was so horrible. Ever was too stalkerish and just plain silly. Her friends were horrible. But then there was the revelation and it didn't annoy me as much but I just didn't enjoy it that much.

Now I'm not saying that I completely hated this book and I never want to read any of the series again because there are some reasons why I may not have liked Blue Moon as much as I thought I would:
1. My sister told me everything that happened.
2. I read the majority of it in one night when I was very tired.
3. I just wasn't in the mood for reading it.

And there were actually some parts I really liked.
1. The whole psychic mind-reading thing completely fascinates me, I think it would be so cool to be able to read minds.
2. I like the storyline of Ever and being an immortal and having to learn all this new and interesting stuff.
3. I loved the Blue Moon part, like the explanation of what a blue moon was and everything, it was totally cool.

So while I didn't enjoy Blue Moon all that much I can definitely say that it is a really interesting read and it is worth a read. Just make sure nobody spoils it for you.

I will definitely read Shadowland which is the next book in the series but I will read it slowly and in my own time and hopefully I'll like it just like I did Evermore, and Blue Moon was alright. It wasn't the best but thats just my opinion.

Source: Borrowed from a friend


  1. MMMMMM, don't know if i will try this one soon. They sound fun, but so many reviewers didn't like it. :)

  2. I started reading the Lost Symbol last night and am enjoying it. I do not like everything he writes.

  3. I knowww. Damien broke my heart 20 times over. *sob* Great review though, and I'm still debating whether or not to read Shadowland!

  4. I just finished reading/reviewing this book as well and I whole-heartedly agree with you on almost every point. I'll also be reading the next in the series, and probably every book after that.


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