Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Adventures of Hardy Belch by William G. Bentrim

Title: The Adventures of Hardy Belch

Author: William G. Bentrim

Published: Bearly Tolerable Publications, 2009

Pages: 106

Snippet: "Look at Gwendolyn Stinker, she said her parents thought about naming her Ima, so things could have been worse."

Summary: The Adventures of Hardy Belch chronicle the exciting and unbelievable adventures of a normal 12 year old boy and his 240 pound telepathic dog. Hardy and Tiny (his best friend and dog) find themselves in many predicaments but as a team and best friends they always end up helping others. Combining mystery and humor each story is written to entertain, and highlight the value of friendship, planning and selfless actions.

Review: The first thing that draws me into this book is the name Hardy Belch. I have never heard of anyone called Hardy Belch before and it is quite a funny, unique and memorable name.

I think that The Adventures of Hardy Belch is a great book that will appeal to young children.

The illustrations are amazing and really cool.

Hardy and Tiny are both really unique and really cool characters. I liked how Tiny always comes up with the ideas.

William G. Bentrim has written a great book that children will definitely find relatable and interesting while learning some valuable lessons.

The story itself is great. The book is split into three different stories and each one has its own lesson and a bit of information about the subject at the end of the stories.

It's really good because it teaches children about tolerance and bullying.

Overall, The Adventures of Hardy Belch is a really good book for children under ten.

Source: William G. Bentrim

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