Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Girl's Guide to Vampires by Barb Karg

Title: The Girl's Guide to Vampires

Author: Barb Karg

Published: Avon : Adams Media, 2009

Pages: 180

Snippet: "Sadly, most vampires do have an aversion to garlic, which means saying arrivederci to lasagne, pizza, spaghetti carbonara and bolognese, and any other food item containing the dreaded stinking rose. On the positive side, you'll save on Listerine."

Summary: Learn how to spot a vampire and what to do when he sets his fangs. Find out how to destroy a vampire and avoid his devastating charm. The best and worst vampire books, movies, TV shows and films.

Review: The Girls Guide to Vampires is an interesting non-fiction book. It has a lot of information about vampires. And when I say a lot I mean a lot.

Firstly, anyone reading the book will learn about the history of vampires and how they managed to become the vampires they are today. Which I really liked because I quite often reading about history and myths and legends.

Then there is the books. If you want to find a vampire book that is right for you, there are several lists of vampire books that cater to any kind of vampire fan.

There are also some really cool movie lists too. I don't know if I'd watch every single one of them but I would look at some.

The Girl's Guide to Vampires is definitely a cool book. It's really interesting and I would have to say that you shouldn't take it too seriously because it is a book just for a bit of fun. But I do say that it's worth a read if you're a fan of vampires.

I notice that there is also a Girl's Guide to Werewolves out. I may check that out in the near future.

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