Monday, November 30, 2009

The Dreaming Volume Three by Queenie Chan

Title: The Dreaming Volume Three

Author: Queenie Chan

Published: Los Angeles : Tokyopop, c2007

Series: Book 3, The Dreaming

Pages: 190

Summary: Where did the ghostly girls come from? And what do they want? Before the students know it, the missing girls enter the school, where Amber spots Millie, who speaks to her almost as if to warn her of something. Is there more to this supernatural mystery than just the school itself?

Review: Volume Three is the final book in the trilogy. I loved the entire series and while I'm relieved the scariness is over but I'm also sad that it has ended.

With Volume 3 I am not disappointed. It is really good and I thought it was highly scary too. Fortunately when I went to sleep after reading the entire series I didn't have any nightmares.

I loved the illustrations they were all really good. They were so well drawn that they added to the horror of the story so much.

I found the ending to be quite an interesting one. While they didn't explain one thing it was really obvious what had happened. I also felt sad by the ending because it wasn't a happy one and I felt sorry for the twin girls.

Looking back at the trilogy as a whole I felt that we didn't get to know much about Amber and what was known about her left holes and questions for me.

The rest of the book however, was really good.

Definitely check this entire series out.

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  1. Mmmm.. As you may know i never read manga before! I dont know if i am going to start reading it with this one. :) Thanks for your honest opinion.


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