Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chibi Vampire Volume 12 by Yuna Kagesaki

Title: Chibi Vampire Volume 12

Author: Yuna Kagesaki

Series: Volume 12, Chibi Vampire

Published: Los Angeles : Tokyopop, 2009

Page: 149

Summary: Karin struggles with her sister growing apart from her as new revelations on why vampires and humans cannot be together are revealed--and it's all a prelude to more trouble that may be on the way! Can Kenta and Karin overcome the forces trying to keep them apart? Will they ever be able to take their love to the next level? And what is the shocking truth that Calera has brought home with her from her birthplace?

Review: I love the Chibi Vampire Series and so far the series has been going really well.

Volume 12 of the Chibi Vampire series has to be the best so far. This one gave some answers about why Karin is different from the rest of her family. Which made it a really really interesting book.

I loved the illustrations. I especially love the eyes and expressions on the faces of the people.

I found the 12th volume of Chibi Vampire to be really good. There were some new characters that were interesting and the ending of the book left me wanting the next book in the series. Lucky for me I happened to have that on hand too.

Also, I just have to mention the cover. It is so cute and so cool. I love Karin and Kenta as a couple.

Overall, Volume 12 of the Chibi Vampire series is totally awesome. If you haven't read any of the Chibi Vampire series you definitely should because they are really really awesome.

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