Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black is for Beginnings by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Title: Black is for Beginnings

Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz

Adapted: Barbara Randall Kesel

Artwork: Janina Gorrissen

Published: Woodbury : Flux, 2009

Pages: 160

Summary: When Stacey, a college student and hereditary witch, again begins to have disturbing dreams about her former boyfriend and a little girl who was murdered years earlier, she knows that the dreams are trying to tell her something important, but she does not know what.

Review: I've read the first two books in the Blue is for Nightmares series and they kind of helped me to understand Black is for Beginnings. I wasn't really sure where this book stood in the scheme of things to do with the novels. I think that if you want to read the books but don't want spoilers then you should wait until you've read the books. Basically, Black is for Beginnings tells you the story of what happens in the four novels. I wasn't bothered by this because I already knew what happened in the other books.

The illustrations were really good. I liked how the people were drawn. It was quite unique. Another thing I liked about the illustrations was that some of them were really really funny. They bring the text to life.

I'm not sure if this is a series or if this was just a one off but I'm hoping there'll be a sequel because there were a couple of unanswered questions hanging in the air.

There's not much more that I can say about Black is for Beginnings other than it is a nice light read that would be good to read while sitting down for a few minutes and just relaxing.


  1. I just finally got around to reading this myself over the weekend. Reading the other 2 novels in the series will definitely help you figure out the depth of Stacey and Jacob's relationship and what really happened. This one, even though it is in GN format, definitely follows the events of the 4th book (Red is for Remembrance). I liked this series better than I expected and really glad I read them all. Glad you're enjoying it too :)

  2. I've seen this book around and heard some good stuff about it. I'm interested enough to give them a chance. Thanks for the review!


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