Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Faust by Daniel and Dina Nayeri

Title: Another Faust

Author: Daniel and Dina Nayeri

Published: Somerville : Candlewick, 2009

Pages: 387

Series: Book 1, Another Series

Summary: On a single night, five children suddenly vanish from their homes in Paris, Glasgow, Rome, and London. Years later, five enigmatic teenagers make an impressive entrance at an exclusive New York holiday party with their strange but beautiful governess, Madam Vileroy. Rumor and intrigue follow the Faust children to the elite Manhattan Marlowe School, where their very presence brings unexplainable misfortune...

Review: I found Another Faust to be an intriguing read. I kept reading on through it because I wanted to know more about what was going on.

There's very little action in Another Faust. Basically, there's just a tiny little bit. So if you love books that aren't just action, action, action then this book would definitely intrigue you.

I didn't absolutely love Another Faust but I found it to be a really interesting concept. Overall I would say that it was a good book. If I ever see it in shops I'll definitely buy a copy.

The characters were all really interesting. I don't know if I have a favourite or not but I think possibly Victoria just because of how different she was to other characters I'd ever read about before.

Another Faust is based on the Faustian Legend the most famous of which is Faust written by Goethe. I'm not really familiar with it but I vaguely knew the idea of it and from what I knew I can say that I thought Another Faust was an interesting way of putting a spin on the Faustian Bargain.

I quite liked the ending of Another Faust. It wasn't too bad. I think that the way the ending couldn't really go any other way. But it also left an opening for a second book if there ever wanted to be one.

The next book in the series is called Another Pan and I'm not really sure what it's going to be about but I will definitely be reading it out of interest and curiosity.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to other people. But if you are looking for a book full of action this one isn't really for you. But definitely check it out even if you're not familiar with the Faustian Legend.


  1. This one has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while now, but I haven't been able to get to it yet. It definitely seems like a good read though!

  2. I usually do enjoy action-filled books, but my friend has convinced me that this book is awesome in its own right with the "naming" of their powers =D
    I have the audiobook version and am slowly listening through it =)


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